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By Thomas Emson

Narrated by Simon Vance

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9 Audio CDs
(Library Edt.)
List Price: $83.99    Your price: $67.19
EAN: 9781452641478
9 Audio CDs List Price: $39.99    Your price: $31.99
EAN: 9781452611471
Mp3-CD List Price: $29.99    Your price: $23.99
EAN: 9781452661476
Publication Date: 07/09/2013 Running Time: 10 hrs 54 min


In Thomas Emson's latest novel, Charlie Faultless returns to the East End to discover that Jack the Ripper, history's most terrifying serial killer, has reappeared on the scene.

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"Reader Simon Vance gives a stellar voice performance filled with nuance and mystery. With deliberate and varied pacing and a smooth delivery, Vance deftly leads the listener into this dark world where history and the supernatural collide." ---Library Journal Audio Review

"This energetic and slightly supernatural rendering of the Jack the Ripper story is requisitely gruesome, darkly funny, and seriously creepy." ---Publishers Weekly

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In 1888, five women are brutally murdered in the East End of London. The killer is never caught. In 1996, four women die in similar circumstances, their corpses mutilated. Again, the murderer escapes justice. In 2011, Charlie Faultless returns to the East End after fifteen years in exile. His mother and girlfriend were victims of the 1996 killings and he has returned to deal with the demons of his past. But his homecoming coincides with more atrocities, and the reappearance of history's most terrifying serial killer: Jack the Ripper.

With old hatreds simmering, Charlie faces violent ordeals at the hands of men fueled by revenge and demons raised from hell. And as the identity of Jack the Ripper is revealed, the truth about Charlie's past also comes to light—and it is equally shocking.

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