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An American Tragedy

By Matthew Lysiak

Narrated by Adam Verner

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EAN: 9781452648217
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EAN: 9781452618210
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EAN: 9781452668215
Publication Date: 12/10/2013 Running Time: 7 hrs 9 min


From Matthew Lysiak, the reporter who received national recognition for his coverage of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, comes the definitive account of the Newtown tragedy.

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"Narrator Verner turns in a winning performance, his voice conveying appropriate emotion while still presenting the material in clear manner. Verner provides subtle voices for dialogue but infuses them with accurate feeling. Additionally, he wisely avoids melodrama when describing the massacre." ---Publishers Weekly Audio Review

"Narrating a work such as this requires a subtle balancing act, and Adam Verner manages fairly well. He reads with a respectful voice and avoids sounding maudlin. As he keeps the story at the center, his low tone has a reassuring quality." ---AudioFile

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Sandy Hook Elementary School

Newtown, Connecticut

We remember the numbers: 20 children and 6 adults, murdered in a place of nurture and trust. We remember the names: teachers like Victoria Soto, who lost her life protecting her students. A shooter named Adam Lanza. And we remember the questions: outraged conjecture instantly monopolized the worldwide response to the tragedy, while the truth went missing.

Here is the definitive journalistic account of Newtown, an essential examination of the facts—not only of that horrific day but the perfect storm of mental instability and obsession that preceded it and, in the aftermath of unspeakable heartbreak, the controversy that continues to play out on the national stage. Drawn from previously undisclosed emails, police reports, and in-depth interviews, Newtown: An American Tragedy breaks through a miasma of misinformation with its comprehensive and astonishing portrayal.

This is the vital story that must be told today if we are to prevent another American tragedy in the days to come.

A portion of the proceeds from this audiobook will be donated to the Avielle Foundation.

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